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Bumba the clown takes us on an adventure in his circus, where he is accompanied by his friends – Bambalu (also a clown), Nandu the bear, Zazati (Bumba´s Asian friend), Tumbi the elephant, Pantuf the rhino and Kiwi the bird. They perform all sorts of circus acts in a colorful setting. Bumba and his friends speak a fantasy language of their own and are supported by a narrator. Bumba teaches colour games with funny interludes. Bumba is dynamic, colorful and positive. He promotes friendship and has a simple, clear style that aims to keep toddlers engaged and entertained. Every Bumba episode is a separate show and consists of several smaller interludes showing Bumba and/or his friends doing silly and funny things.


Genre: Puppetry/CGI
Target audience: 0 - 3 year olds,
secondary: 4 - 7 year olds
Producer: Studio100
Season I - 50 x 5 minutes
Season II - 50 x 5 minutes
Season III - 50 x 5 minutes

Success story & extras
TV: #1 toddler live action show
Audio & video: Music CDs and DVDs of the series have been released
Publishing: Over 100.000 copies of the Bumba books have been sold so far
Merchandising & Licensing: Over 550.000 items sold: food & beverages, apparel,
personal care, bed & bath…
Film:  Bumba animated feature film is in preparation
Theatre: Daily shows in theme parks
Awards: Nominated for the prix Danube 2005, Best youth program 2005 (Flemish Government), Best program in the category youth 2006 (Flemish radio and TV press), nominated for Best program in the category youth 2007 (Flemish radio and TV press).